From 17 Anne Roussel studied evening classes ceramics and drawing at Ménilmontant.
This teaching has given him the necessary bases to then improve the Academy Grandes Terres (Paris 11th) for 2 years ,.
She then trained at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and the Faculty of Fine Arts of Paris-Sorbonne.

She has practiced different professions as designer, editor, graphic designer and is later she was able to resume his artistic research.

Knowledge of clay allows him to create works of great originality, defying gravity and very aerial.

She invented a writing whose characters - she calls "polyactères *" - are like a calligraphy in space. The simplicity and purity of line and we ask for information about their language. A form are sometimes associated few colors such as ultramarine blue or gold but they are often halftone, taupe, beige mice, raw ivory .... always with unity and sobriety to which Anne Roussel before: "I try to express what the word does not say, for me, is a direct connection between my brain and matter and the viewer must be carried away by the emotion can suciter these forms." I like the idea of ​​creating an unspeakable language ....

Another aspect of his personality is revealed by the "primitive fragments" and an important track of his research.

 Where the lines, with Polyactères were overhead and flexible, here they are vertical, steep. The material is raw, sharp, rough. His appearance is rocky, schistose, as out of the bowels of the earth. The tones are dark and earthy. A world of cliffs seems to have generated these creations.

Other creations: the "human connection", black or white; they are as human beings overlapping climb over each other to create a dynamic, positive or negative ... ... swarming.

At the border of the figurative and the abstract, the works of Anne Roussel are always amazing and reveal a rich fantasy world. These, like the successful sculptures, have not size, they could be very large, in a park or a square, for example ....

Mans are yet to be discover...(S.G.)

* "Polyactères": more characters
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